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House of Dragon | Escape Room Game

House of Dragon | Escape Room Game

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🎁 Das perfekte Geschenk
🧘 Entfliehe dem Alltagsstress
🧠 Verbessere Deine Konzentration

Product Details

Model size in cm: 12x13x12
Number of parts: 0
Difficulty: Medium
Assembly time: 0-2 h
Recommended age: +12
Material: Environmentally friendly laminated wood

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Frequently asked Questions

What materials is the product made of?

Nothing is damaged when you play. However, there is only one way to solve all the puzzles. So the second time you play, you already know how to do it.

Can I play with my child?

All products are intended for children aged 12 and over. However, if you help your child and solve puzzles together, your family will grow together and your child can solve difficult tasks as a team!

Can I play with my child?

All escape boxes are made from high-strength, natural birch wood. The team assembles the puzzle pieces by hand. We pay very careful and sensitive attention to the quality of the product, so you can be sure that it is safe. The wood also offers you a very pleasant tactile experience - you will love holding our puzzles in your hands.

Introducing House of the Dragon – A Challenge for the Mind!

From EscapeWelt's Intelligent Game series comes the engrossing and stimulating game – House of the Dragon. Prepare for an immersive experience that lasts 60-90 minutes and challenges your intellect like never before.

Features You'll Love

  • All-Age Fun: Suitable for everyone aged 12 and up. From teenagers to the elderly, all can partake in the excitement and challenge!
  • Surprise Within: The playset houses a secret compartment of dimensions 7x5x4.5 cm. Perfect to tuck away an extra gift - from jewellery and money to heartfelt notes. The choice is yours.
  • Brain-Teasing Adventure: Before they can access the game and your surprise gift, players must first solve all the puzzles. It's a quest that engages the mind and demands creativity.
  • Build Neural Connections: With a playtime of 60-90 minutes, House of the Dragon pushes your cognitive abilities to their limits, encouraging the formation of new neural pathways.

The Heartwarming Story Behind the Game

House of the Dragon finds its roots in a poignant tale of love, hurt, and reconciliation. It's the story of Asahi, an old Japanese carpenter who worked tirelessly for his son, only to be left alone.

Years passed, and upon learning that his son has a family of his own, Asahi dreamt of mending the strained relationship. Guided by a mystical dragon in his dream, he created a wooden puzzle - a symbol of unity and strength.

When his family returned, they found they couldn't solve the puzzle alone. Only together, bridging the generation gap, could they unravel the mystery and open the little wooden box. This realization, that they are stronger together, transformed their relationship and they named the puzzle "The House of the Dragon".

With House of the Dragon, you're not just buying a game. You're becoming part of a story - a journey of reconciliation and rediscovery of family bonds.


Support a young start-up

Would you also like to support a young start-up? Then you've come to the right place! We, Chris and Lars, are two crazy guys from Esslingen am Neckar and think that 3D wooden puzzles are a great leisure activity for young and old.


Doing good together

You can support regional social institutions together with us. Because with every purchase, you participate directly in the donation that associations receive from us in the form of financial resources or kits. The current recipient of our donations is Vivanova Leukaemiahilfe in Vienna.


Lightning fast delivery

As soon as we receive your order, we sprint off to pack all the beautiful things you want. Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped the same day. If you're not sure, you can make use of our extended 100-day returns policy.

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